One of Australia's finest period hotels, surrounded by the ever changing colours of the beautiful Avon Valley
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Alice at the Palace

The York Palace Hotel Accommodation & Alice at the Palace Restaurant

Nothing to do this weekend?  Come and do it in York.  Comfortable rooms and comfort food at the York Palace

Our accommodation ranges from luxurious suites and classic rooms in the main hotel building constructed in 1909, to up market motel style rooms along a terrace. Ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, flat screen TV and super comfortable beds in all  our rooms. Click on “Book” to see room options and availability.

For the best in hospitality in the Avon Valley, try our great restaurant, Alice at the Palace, and then fall  into bed to sleep the sleep of the truly refreshed!  Just over an hour’s drive from Perth, this very special hotel, modernised to the highest standards, will delight and surprise you. Our aim is to deliver hospitality to leave you refreshed, revived  and relaxed!We  serve you with friendly and efficient service, that will leave you with a smile and a warm glow inside (either from the food or wine or both)!




Alice at the Palace